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Suspenseful cyber-thriller stories with an intriguing and timely premise... if you're a fan of mystery or true crime style stories with a digital forensics twist, you might like what I have to say.


The Digital Detective is a series of short stories, or diary entries, if you will.  I will update them frequently or you can subscribe and I'll let you know each time I post a new entry.


Hi, my name is Jason Palmer. My friends call me JP. My ex bosses called me Palmer. My enemies just said, hey you!

I'm a consulting Digital Forensics Analyst.  Digital meaning all things automated by computers that can be represented in binary form.  ForensicS is where the fun begins.  Given the thesis that all digital systems leave traces of digital-events, I seek out these traces, connect them to other trails, and follow them. This is where the term Internet digital detective enters.  AnalysT should be obvious.


Yes, Sherlock Holmes and I have much in common, except I don’t really have to interact with clueless sheep; just ones and zeros most of the time.

There are a few lucky (or maybe unlucky) people that have read some of my case diaries and they said they’re both educational and entertaining; so, now I’m going to publish some of them.

With that...


Welcome to my therapy.


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